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Beetles embedded in Dogs Mouth – Local Incident Reported

This week I was asked if I had ever heard about a type of lady bug attaching themselves to a dog’s mouth.

WHAT???? Nope, I had not heard of this. So I did some research and although rare, it can happen and it recently did in Mechanicsville, MD.

These are not your typical red lady bugs; rather they are Asian lady beetles. Asian lady beetles are not native to the USA, but they have become quite common. These beetles may bite, and when they do, they produce chemicals that are toxic and can cause chemical type burns.


The beetles are not on the hunt for your dog; however your curious pup may eat them as a snack. When large quantities are swallowed, they can cause severe gastrointestinal upset. When the beetle is not fully swallowed the bug produces a protective secretion that makes them stick.

Their bite is very painful. The longer the beetle is attached to the mouth / tongue tissue, the more ulcers and lacerations they will cause. Also, the longer they are attached the harder they are to remove.

Symptoms to keep an eye out for are, lethargy, not eating, drooling at the mouth, and actually seeing the beetle stuck to the top of your dog’s mouth.

This is the time of year you may see these beetles, so keep a watch of your pup outdoors and do a frequent oral review of your pup’s mouth. If you catch it early you can simply remove them with your finger or a tongue depressor. They are not like a tick, so there is no worry that a head or any part of the animal will be left behind. If you see ulcers after the bug is removed, a trip to the vet is recommended.


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