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Daisy Crosses Rainbow Bridge

Daisy Dill

John and I write to you today with grateful but sad hearts, as our beautiful Daisy died this past Tuesday. She was 14 and we loved every minute with her. She created a legacy for all our current and future dogs who will be given fresh fruit and veggies for treats – Daisy’s favorite was Brussel sprouts! I am so grateful for your help and for helping us find her. She is greatly missed by us and our black Lab, Lily. We will never forget her. She did not have cancer (that we know of), but she went through heart failure for about 2 months before her poor body just couldn’t go on anymore.

Daisy Dill 2

Daisy was the 14th golden taken into rescue during our first year in 2007. I can’t remember for sure, but she may have been fostered by Barb and Bob Davis. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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1 Sam Dill { 09.13.17 at 4:19 pm }

Nope, we fostered her and then adopted her! Got her at 4 and a half. Her son was also adopted through GRRSM.

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