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Barrett Butterscotch Speer O’Rear

Barrett, Rainbow BridgeBarrett Butterscotch Speer O’Rear earned his angel wings and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning due to spleen Hemangiosarcoma. It was only a few days ago Barrett started acting different- not running on his walks, panting heavier, and picking at his food. We took Barrett to the vet where he was diagnosed with the large mass in his stomach with internal bleeding. Knowing we probably didn’t have much time with him, I scheduled an appointment for him to be seen at “Dogs and Cats” up in Bowie to see the oncologist and see if there was any hope for our boy. When I left for work this morning, I didn’t think it would be the last time I would ever get a kiss from my sweet boy. I got a call around 10 from my daughter and mom to let me know he passed.

I know we technically “rescued” Barrett about 7 ½ years ago, but I always like to think that he rescued us. When we inquired about Barrett with the GRRSM foster family that was fostering Barrett, I was warned that he was in bad condition- low weight, going through numerous treatments for mange and parasites, missing all of his hair on his back, not knowing how to walk on a leash, a bad chewing habit, etc. However, when we met him for the first time and he tried to jump in our car when we were leaving, I knew he had chosen us. I always think it’s the dog that chooses you, not vice versa. Within months of vet visits, treatments, and proper training, Barrett turned into a dog that I would call the best dog ever. He was always by my side through thick and thin. When I didn’t feel well, he was always next to me. The only time he ever barked was when he heard something strange outside and wanted to warn us. He always came on command and was always willing to please. He had many dog friends in our neighborhood that he loved to have over for playdates. In the summers, he loved swimming in the lakes and going after sticks. We were so fortunate to celebrate Barrett’s 9th birthday with him 2 weeks ago with a special homemade carrot cake and a trip to Petco where he picked out 2 new Star Wars toys. With every memory that I look back on and all the changes that have occurred in my life within the years we had him, I could not picture them without Barrett being there. Looking through old videos of the kids, Barret always seemed to make his way in the video, even if it was for passing by and searching for that last crumb or getting one more pet in. He rolled with the changes and loved his pack of 6 human brothers and sisters, and 1 kitty brother.

Although 2 kids have grown up and moved out, and 4 kids and the cat remain, there is an emptiness in our house today. It’s definitely an emptiness that I will have to get used to, although it’s very hard. I keep looking to my left and right to see Barrett, or thinking that it’s time to let him out, or calling his name to see where he is. I miss my boy so much, but thank God for GRRSM giving us one of the most precious gifts and choosing us to be his family.



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