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No Nights in a Shelter


This sweet girl’s owner died and she was taken to the shelter. Fortunately her microchip was scanned and she was adopted through a rescue, so she won’t have to spend another night in a shelter. (Can you imagine how scary that must be for a beloved golden?)

Her predicament is a good reminder to us all to POST a note about who to call should you no longer be able to care for your fur kids.

Many folks have notes in their wills about who will get their pups, but if you are incapacitated or no longer on this planet you want to make sure your animals spend NO NIGHTS IN A SHELTER.

It could be your neighbor will take them until your designee is able to get them. It could be the rescue is going to take your pup back. Our adoption agreement says this. Do your family or friends know that? Do they know how to contact us?

A simple note that says:

I have four golden retrievers and a cat. Please contact my neighbor, Barb at XXXXXXXXXXX who will watch them until my daughter arrives from Richmond, VA. Daughter’s number is xxxxxxxxxxx.

Make sure your pup’s care takers know any medications your pup is taking and what food to feed.

Post the note on your refrigerator.

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