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2018 Members

Blog Jan 1

As our 2018 membership drive winds down, one hundred and two golden loving families have renewed or begun their membership for 2018. You may, of course, become a member at any time during the year. We will make one more post with the names of all 2018 members and then include those that join after the last post in upcoming newsletters.

We appreciate the many generous donations that help us to pay internet, post box, phone and insurance costs.  By far our biggest expense is vet care.

We also enjoy getting updates from our adopted pups:) Feel free to post photos of your goldens on the rescue’s Facebook page all year long.

Members may run for office and vote at our annual meeting on February 24th at the Charlotte Hall Library. Our treasurer, Barb Saylor, will send each of you an acknowledgement of your donation for your records via regular mail. Thank you to:

Laura Woodburn (Membership and Donation)

Becky Minnich  (Membership and Donation)

Rebecca Anderson  (Membership and Donation)

Ginny Hinders  (Membership and Donation)

Frank Thomson  (Membership and Donation)

Denise and Chris Forshey  (Membership and Donation)

Pat and Joe Johnson  (Membership and Donation)

Terri Robinson  (Membership and Donation)

Jean and Al Huey   (Membership and Donation)

Howard Jensen  (Membership and Donation)

Stephanie Waikart (Membership)

Lisa Arnold (Membership)

Richard Romano (Membership)

Terry Babb (Membership)

Kate Devlin (Membership and Donation)

John and Samantha Dill (Membership and Donation)

Barb and Bob Davis (Membership and Donation)

Susan Casarez (Membership and Donation)

Peggy and Paul Dziewit (Membership and Donation)

Mary Owens (Membership and Donation)

Kristine Wood (Membership and Donation)

Phil Domenici (Membership)

Patrick and Kathleen Hunt (Membership and Donation)

John F Fenwick (Membership)

Maria Ceballos – Rusk (Membership and Donation)

Dennis England (Membership and Donation)

Bob and Joan Tendrich (Membership and Donation)

Mark and Diane Kestler (Membership and Donation)

Nancy Davis (Membership and Donation)

Glenda Spragg (Membership and Donation)

Robin Heinecke (Membership)

Shannon and Chris Thompson (Membership)

Julianna Randazzo (Membership)

Eric Rice (Membership)

Karen and John Lawhorn (Membership and Donation)

Michelle Cox (Membership and Donation)

William Saylor (Membership and Donation)

Kevin Mulvihill (Membership and Donation)

Connie Moylan (Membership)

Roland and Jennifer Cochran (Membership and Donation)

Leslie and Leonard Slight (Membership and Donation)

Rocco Ragano (Membership and Donaton) Troy Bekel (Membership)

Pam Lowery (Membership and Donation)

Donna Soule (Membership and Donation)

Ann Femia and Jimmy Littleton (Membership and Donation)

John Stebbins (Membership and Donation)

Lisa Orton (Membership and Donation)

Deborah Dofflemyer (Membership and Donation in memory of her mother, Betty Davis)

Gail Govoni (Membership and Donation)

Tracy Johnson (Membership and Donation)

Joe Wright (Membership and Donation)

Judith and William Sherman (Membership and Donation)

Judy Manarin (Membership and Donation)

George and Cheryl Dankulich (Membership and Donation)

Liz Pike (Membership and Donation)

Christina Jayroe (Membership and Donation)

Barb and Tony Baratta (Membership and Donation)

Becky Minnich (Membership and Donation)

Bill and Geni Stevenson (Membership)

Ed and Jayme Cockrell (Membership)

Jamie Bence (Membership)

Hoffman Family (Membership)

David Bayles (Membership and Donation)

Pat and Jan Cullen (Membership and Donation)

Michelle Doelle (Membership and Donation)

Kim Adams (Membership and Donation)

Sharon Camp (Membership and Donation)

Ellen Rehmann (Membership and Donation)

Michael Roth (Membership)

Steve and Sheila Wertz (Membership and Donation)

Paul and Elizabeth Hawkins (Membership)

Elizabeth Gibson (Membership)

Billie Bailey (Membership and Donation)

Tim Smith (Membership and Donation)

Michelle Doelle (Membership and Donation)

Kim Adams (Membership and Donation)

Carrie Pennington (Membership and Donation)

Kristi Baker (Membership)

Chris Kernozek (Membership)

Beth Schroeder (Membership and Donation)

Brian and Yvonne Mulfinger (Membership and Donation)

Peggy and Paul Dziewit (Membership and Donation)

Heather Welzant (Membership and Donation)

Donna Brandt (Membership and Donation)

Ed and Lisa Hynes (Membership and Donation)

Marty Parker (Membership and Donation)

Mark Rhoda (Membership and Donation n memory of Joanne Klein)

Brenda and Chuck Lawhorn (Membership and Donation)

Betty and Robert Trautman (Membership and Donation)

Gerry and Barb Bennett (Membership and Donation)

Yvonne Borresen (Membership and Donation)

Perrault Family (Membership and Donation)

Rachael Thompson (Membership and Donation in memory of Cookie)

Janice Orr (Membership and Donation)

Patti Tagert (Membership and Donation)

Barb and John Hayter (Membership and Donation twice!)

Sarah Tuck (Membership and Donation)

Michael Grossblatt (Membership and Donation twice!)

Mariel and Adam Connell (Membership)

Alan Newhouse (Membership)

Patrice Patia (Membership)

Katie Zwick (Membership)

Ted Keiler (Membership and Donation)


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Thank You Bella

Blog Bella

Bella sent the rescue’s pups some Christmas presents. Thank you very much sweetie, whose anonymous family refer to as “our angel”.

Since the pups in foster care got lots of presents for Christmas is it okay with you Bella if we hold these and give to dogs who come into the rescue in the coming months?

Many times new pups have never had toys to play with before so we like to send them to their foster home with a toy or two.

We appreciate your generosity.

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Canine New Year’s Resolutions

blog today

I know a lot of folks don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because they can’t keep them. But I still mentally operate on a school calendar and a teacher who once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.” I make plans, set goals and sometimes even write them down at the beginning of the school year and the beginning of the new year.

Last year Joe and I decided to quit going to church on Sunday mornings and take our dogs for a walk some place other than in our neighborhood each week, and we did it.

This year we’re all, with all being Joe, me and the dogs, going to eat healthier. Don’t get me wrong, we eat healthy food, but we like our junk food. So, I’m sorry Madeline, but those yummy caramels I’ve been addicted to recently, we’re cutting back. Same for the jalapeno chips. Pups will get smaller “pizza bones” and popcorn with less butter.

So our resolution is more like, we’re going to decrease our consumption of junk foods. Note I didn’t say eliminate, but all things in moderation.

What is your canine New Year’s Resolution?

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Chew Update

Chew update

We got Chew’s pathology report from the tumor that was removed from his chest. It was a squamous cell carcinoma which is cancerous. The vet got good margins, but there is still a possibility the cancer could come back, but it is unlikely to metastasize to other organs.

Squamous cell cancer is caused by exposure to ultra violet light…..

Chew’s original family not treating his allergies and allowing his fur to be scratched out exposing his skin to sun caused his cancer (PLEASE do not shave your goldens for this very reason.)

Chew recently turned 12 and is currently healthy, playful and gets along well with other dogs. His medication costs less than $100 per month (Apoquel).

He is available for adoption if someone in the rescue would like to give this boy a furever family for his remaining days. He’d love an older canine pal to hang out with. His foster family is also willing to keep him as a long term foster if a furever family is not found.

We are going to consult with Dr. Forrest to see if there are any alternative therapies to prevent a cancer recurrence.

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Not Quite Right Gift?


If Santa brought you a not quite right gift, don’t relegate it to a closet or the garage. Hang on to it and donate it to the rescue’s live auction at the annual meeting in February. Past donations have included power tools, dog beds, a snow blower, etc. We will call for donations in a couple of weeks, but didn’t want you to give that perfectly usable bread maker away!

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bah humbug

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