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Thankful For Our Volunteers: Mariel and Adam Connell


Mariel and Adam have been fostering for the rescue for a number of years. This year they have had two heartworm positive dogs and they have been long term fostering Ripley. Some people are hesitant to foster a heartworm positive dog because they have little knowledge of heartworm treatment. There is a great web site Heartworm Society that provides pretty much everything you need to know.

Fostering a heartworm positive dog is great if you are a relatively quiet family as a dog undergoing heartworm treatment is supposed to be kept fairly quiet. They can go for walks, but zooming around the back yard is probably not a good idea. All rescue dogs are tested for heartworms. If the test comes back positive when a dog comes into rescue the vet prescribes doxycycline (an antibiotic) and heart guard (yep, the very same thing many give their pups for heartworm prevention). The pup takes that for about a month. During that time a chest xray is done to see how bad the heartworms are.

Then the heartworm positive dog gets an injection of a drug that kills heartworms.

Wait a month.

The dog gets another injection one day, and if the xrays showed a heavy heartworm burden, then the dog gets another injection the next day. We bring our rescue pups home between injections because we don’t want them left alone at an unstaffed vet hospital overnight.

Wait a month.

At this point the dog is available for adoption unless s/he needs to be altered.

So at least a 4 month commitment is needed by a foster family of a heartworm positive dog.

Adam and Mariel have made this commitment TWICE this year. First with Miss Rafa who is now happily adopted; and now with Miss Sunny.

Our events chair, Jean, also wants to give a shout out to Mariel for staffing events.

And as an aside, Adam is a WONDERFUL dog trainer. All pups who go through their house have impeccable manners when they arrive at their new home thanks to Adam.

This couple is a great match for our foster pups who need some quiet TLC.

Please whisper appreciation to them both.

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