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Rip Crossed Rainbow Bridge

Rip 7

From Michelle and Rob Cox ~

Our boy Rip (he was forever a little boy) unexpectedly passed today. We did not know he had a tumor on his spleen, and the tumor ruptured and bled into his abdomen. Until this happened, he was crazy active and happy, running every day for the joy of running, and eating all he could, well, for the joy of eating. The picture on the left is the last picture taken of Rip, Saturday evening, Nov 4th. And, of course, it was Rip photobombing a picture of Grandpa (Rob) and Landon our grandson. Saturday morning, He, Alice, Grace and I went out on our trails for an hour of free run and wander. He was happy. His buddy Landon came over for a sleepover Saturday night. He was happy. Sunday evening he enjoyed begged Porterhouse out on the back deck where we did dinner. He was happy. Why did this happen today, beats me, well, beats me down. Love you Rip.

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Farewell Rip

Rip pix

Feeling sad. One of the rescue’s early foster pups,Rip, crossed Rainbow Bridge, suddenly and unexpectedly, Please send hugs to Michelle and Rob Cox who loved him very much.

Joe and I fostered Rip in 2009 when the rescue took in 10 of 77 goldens from a horrible hording situation in Virginia. He was so little and scared. He was adopted twice and returned twice before he met Michelle and Rob who saw his potential and made him feel safe so he could blossom.(Even though he pooped in their car on his ride home.)

He and my Madeline were about the same age. They played and learned together. He was so cute protecting her from “strangers” who came to our house.

Here are some early and not very clear pix of Rip.

Run free little one.

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Thankful for Our Volunteers: Karin Carlson


If the rescue’s board members are the brain of our organization, foster families are the heart. I’ll spend the next week highlighting some of our very experienced “go to” foster families starting with Karin Carlson.

Karin has fostered for the rescue for about three years. She also fosters for another rescue. Thankfully her husband is fine with all of her fur guests. This year she took in a couple of old guys who many foster families are afraid they will get “stuck” with as no one will want to adopt them

karin 1

Karin and I both know there are kind hearted golden lovers who will adopt a senior golden not knowing if they will have years,  months or weeks together. What most don’t know, if these same adopters want to adopt a younger pup after their senior adoptee crosses Rainbow Bridge the rescue adopts this younger pup at no charge. We believe our rescue pups are fortunate to be adopted by a family who will love them when they are old.

Chew and SantaShe currently is fostering Chew who was a physical mess when he came to rescue. He still looks pretty rough as it will take a while for his fur to grow back, but his itching has stopped now that he is on meds his family couldn’t afford (Get Pet Insurance – Healthy Paws, Embrace, Trupanion are good companies to check out.)

Before that Karin and her family fostered one of the heaviest goldens and a senior, Indy. Who was adopted and became quite a beach bum, and swimming is SO GOOD for him!

Karin also serves on the board and transports pups. Her house is often a drop off/pick up place for getting new rescue dogs to their foster families. This year she drove to JFK to pick up pups from Turkey and ended up keeping one for her family….Sophie (The little cutie pictured here).

Please give a big hug to Karin’s soft heart and for being a wonderful foster mom.

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