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Thankful For Our Volunteers: The Minnich Family

Becky and Rob

When I asked board members for exceptional volunteers in calendar year 2017, one or more Minnich family members were on everyone’s list.

From Ginny, “Becky just so much to say – but to sum it up – she’s AMAZING! This year she fostered Lily, Zoe, Honey and Lily! She drove HOURS on multiple JFK trips to transport Turkey Dogs. She drove HOURS to pick up Lily from the Eastern Shore. No matter the challenge we face Becky is always helping out.”

From Jean,” Becky is a very generous person with many talents. Her energy and caring for both goldens and people is endless. Between her and her Mom they have sewn numerous bandanas for sale at our events.”

Oh, and Becky bakes. She makes WONDERFUL cakes for the annual meeting and other events. She also makes the CUTEST golden retriever cookies. I’ve been trying to get her to open a bakery…..

Rob travels and is always willing to drive extra miles to pick up a pup from a shelter and transport to the rescue.


This lady, Doris Wright, also known as “Becky’s Mom” practically has a full time job of making bandannas, scarves and linens for the rescue to sell to raise money for pups in rescue.

Ryan and MJ

MJ recently married into this dog loving family and is clearly a perfect fit as her husband has adopted 2 pups from the rescue to go along with the 4 goldens Rob and Becky have. The extra pups in this photo are foster dogs which are OFTEN at one of the Minnich households. MJ has agreed to become a board member this year and has been creating the newsletter for the rescue.

May 2018

Please Cheer, Clap, or Yell your appreciation LOUDLY in case the UPS driver has pulled up to the Minnich’s household and they can’t hear you!

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