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Thankful For Our Volunteers: Jean and Al Huey


I’ve started off our appreciation month selfishly! I’ve been recognizing volunteers who make MY life easier as President and Founder of Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland and I’continue that trend today by recognizing Jean and Al Huey.

I’m not very computer literate. Heck I had an admin staff when I worked which is pretty much unheard of now. Al Huey helps me with all kinds of things you might find easy, but I find frustrating as heck. Such as:

How do I open this application as it’s not in a format my computer recognizes?

What do I do to save this photo embedded in an email?

How do I download a video from a foster family sent via google?

I posted a dog as available for adoption, but I can’t find his post on our web page.

Well, I may not know how to do these things, but Al knows. He also receives all the rescue’s emails and forwards them to the appropriate board member.

In addition, all questions and call that go to the rescue’s general mailbox are answered by Al.

Jean is the extrovert of this couple and has been Events Chair for years. She ensures we participate in a couple of events in each county each year, recruits others to help, sets up the event and shares information about the rescue.

They have one of the oldest goldens I know, Millie. They credit her longevity to a raw diet and acupuncture. They fostered and adopted Thomas Jefferson (TJ) from Turkey and  take him to “destress” days for the students at St Mary’s College.

They aren’t big Facebook fans, so if you want to send appreciation, please post a comment on the rescue’s blog.

November 4, 2017   6 Comments