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Posts from — November 2017

Tacy last kiss

Once again we thank Becky Minnich and her family for caring for a golden until they find their furever family. Tacy was adopted today.

From Becky, Tacy’s foster mom,”Ok this is the hardest. She is leaving me with paw prints on my heart! ❤️❤️ Haven’t left the driveway and the tears are flowing! Hard part of fostering but I know Tacy will have a great life.”

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Beetles embedded in Dogs Mouth – Local Incident Reported

This week I was asked if I had ever heard about a type of lady bug attaching themselves to a dog’s mouth.

WHAT???? Nope, I had not heard of this. So I did some research and although rare, it can happen and it recently did in Mechanicsville, MD.

These are not your typical red lady bugs; rather they are Asian lady beetles. Asian lady beetles are not native to the USA, but they have become quite common. These beetles may bite, and when they do, they produce chemicals that are toxic and can cause chemical type burns.


The beetles are not on the hunt for your dog; however your curious pup may eat them as a snack. When large quantities are swallowed, they can cause severe gastrointestinal upset. When the beetle is not fully swallowed the bug produces a protective secretion that makes them stick.

Their bite is very painful. The longer the beetle is attached to the mouth / tongue tissue, the more ulcers and lacerations they will cause. Also, the longer they are attached the harder they are to remove.

Symptoms to keep an eye out for are, lethargy, not eating, drooling at the mouth, and actually seeing the beetle stuck to the top of your dog’s mouth.

This is the time of year you may see these beetles, so keep a watch of your pup outdoors and do a frequent oral review of your pup’s mouth. If you catch it early you can simply remove them with your finger or a tongue depressor. They are not like a tick, so there is no worry that a head or any part of the animal will be left behind. If you see ulcers after the bug is removed, a trip to the vet is recommended.


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Thank You To Our Financial Supporters

thank you

Thank you everyone for renewing your membership and being part of the effort to save goldens not only here in Maryland, but worldwide!

Beth Schroeder (Membership and Donation

Cheryl Speer (Membership and Donation)

Brian and Yvonne Mulfinger (Membership and Donation)

Peggy and Paul Dziewit (Membership and Donation)

Heather Welzant (Membership and Donation)Donna Brandt (Membership and Donation)

Ed and Lisa Hynes (Membership and Donation)

Marty Parker (Membership and Donation)

Mark Rhoda (Membership and Donation n memory of Joanne Klein)

Brenda and Chuck Lawhorn (Membership and Donation)

Betty and Robert Trautman (Membership and Donation)

Gerry and Barb Bennett (Membership and Donation)

Yvonne Borresen (Membership and Donation)

Perrault Family (Membership and Donation)

Rachael Thompson (Membership and Donation in memory of Cookie)

Janice Orr (Membership and Donation)

Patti Tagert (Membership and Donation)

Barb and John Hayter (Membership and Donation)

Sarah Tuck (Membership and Donation)

Michael Grossblatt (Membership and Donation)

Mariel and Adam Connell (Membership)

Alan Newhouse (Membership)

Patrice Patia (Membership)

Katie Zwick (Membership)

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We Can Help!!!

China Golden

Have you seen posts about dogs being used for food as part of a festival in China and felt sick to your stomach and helpless to be able to do anything?

China Golden 4 and 5

When we were contacted this week and asked to help 5 young golden girls who were saved from the meat market- a couple literally taken off the truck – I was incredulous that anyone could eat a beautiful golden.

China Golden 2

My daughter, who travels to China for work, says these beautiful goldens were probably stolen from middle class Chinese families; however, since they don’t microchip there is no way to get them back to their owners.

Ginny, our Intake/Foster Coordinator, and I could not say “No”.

China Golden 3

From Chersea, our POC located in Philly, “The girls are called from One Mao to Five Mao
Mao in Chinese means furs and there are really cute names, like fur baby.

The first video is San Mao, the second one is Si Mao, the one with the German shepherd is WuMao, and the one that is looking around is Da Mao.
Er Mao and San Mao were saved from Yulin where the meat trade is happening. Their father was with them when they were rescued, but we did’t save him from the infection… Er Mao and San Mao were really weak when we found them, but they were strong enough to make it.
Da Mao, Si Mao and Wu Mao were saved from a meat truck that we intersected in 2016. We used to have a six Mao but he didn’t survive from hepatic ascites.”

Posting just a couple of the videos.

Pups will travel with flight volunteer, foster families will get to know them, ensure they are fully vetted and then they will be ready for their furever families. We really don’t know when they will arrive, but we will keep you posted.


San Mao

Rescue Group in China We Are Working With

Thank you for your financial support that allows us to help these five girls!

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Guess Who Is Getting Adopted Tomorrow?


Little Miss Tacy goes to her furever family tomorrow where she’ll have a canine sister who is as playful as she is.

You will likely recognize her new mom as she volunteers and has adopted from the rescue.

Thank you to the Minnich family for taking such great care of Tacy.

Check back tomorrow to send Tacy happy Gotcha Day wishes!

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Membership Renewals and Donations


Today is Giving Tuesday. We’d like to thank the following for already renewing their memberships for 2018:

Perrault Family (membership & donation)

Rachael Thompson (membership & donation in memory of Cookie)

Janice Orr (membership & donation)

Patti Tagert (membership & donation)

Barb and John Hayter (membership & donation)

Sarah Tuck (membership & donation)

Michael Grossblatt (membership & donation)

Mariel and Adam Connell (membership)

Alan Newhouse (membership)

Patrice Patia (membership)

Katie Zwick (menmbership)

All but two of these golden lovers have adopted a dog from the rescue!

Thank you all for your generousity!

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Jax and Max


Sat “Hello” from Cape May,NJ

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Gifts for Goldens & Golden Lovers

blog cover

Quilts, blankets, sheets, beach towels, Barb Saylor has even made fleece sofa covers so guests don’t get covered in golden magical fibers when they sit on golden lovers furniture. A practical gift for a golden lover that can be used everyday is a sofa cover. Might be worth it to pay a little more as I have a very inexpensive one that doesn’t stay on very well. It doesn’t have weights or is heavy enough to hold in place. Orvis makes nice, however, pricey ones, but they are often on sale.


And a practical gift for your pup? An Upcountry dog collar and leash. They come in so many beautiful colors for every holiday and every season. All rescue pups are sent home with a leash and collar set from Upcountry. I buy my pups a new one every other year. If you like more than one collar and leash set, use a clip on your pup’s id tag so you can switch collars yet always keep your dog’s id tags on. To see all the beautiful collars and leashes go here Upcountry Collars.

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Gifts For Goldens & Golden Lovers


Just in time for this blog post, Dog Mom’s Bakery is having a holiday sale, but it’s only good for the remainder of today and tomorrow Dog Mom Bakery. I can’t get the link to work, but maybe it will cyber Monday as it was in an email to loyal customers.

All treats are made with great ingredients and dogs love them. You can select the day you want your cookies delivered. They make great gifts for your far away canine friends and relatives. I’m having some trouble with linking all three special cookie boxes, but contact Michelle, shop owner, with an email note saying you want the $22 cookie deal which is ultimately $29.50 with shipping. Michelle supports rescue groups by hosting fundraisers which is how many of you have been introduced to her dog treats.


As for the human on your list, one of my favorite gifts is Three Scoops of Vanilla jewelry. Three Scoops of Vanilla. Like Erin’s Facebook page and sign up for her emails as she has LOTS of specials like the bracelet pictured here for only $30. It usually takes less than a week to receive purchases in the mail. Erin is a BIG supporter of rescues and does online auctions for rescue groups across the country almost weekly. We have benefited several times.

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