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I Love These Bags


I’m not a very good sales person, but I love these bags. Thank you to our Fundraising Chair, Kim Adams, for doing this fundraiser again. I’m eagerly waiting for my bags to arrive.

The bags in this photo are from the last time we did this fundraiser. I think they are a couple of years old. I use them for EVERYTHING. They are sturdy, water proof and pretty.

I toted my yoga mat and a change of clothes in the purple and black one and people were oohing and aahing over my “pretty bag.”

Whenever I go to the commissary (that’s Navy for grocery store) the people who bag my groceries comment on the “nice, sturdy, good size” bags and even ask me where I get them.

Last year I used them as wrapping paper instead of buying paper decorative bags. My environmentally minded kiddo and her significant other loved the idea.

These bags are the size of a brown paper grocery bag.

They have an insulated version too, that I ordered more of as they are great for cold items.

All of my “drugstore” size bags are gone. They are the size of a typical gift bag; and, you guessed it, I gave all the ones I had away.

If you need some good quality bags, this is the fundraiser for you. In addition to getting great bags, you support the rescue as a percentage of every purchase comes to the rescue.


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