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Chew Update

Chew 1

From Karin, Chew’s foster mom after his vet appointment today:

Chew’s definately happy to be home. That was a long appointment. The vet felt regardless of aspirating tumor- results could be inconclusive etc based on how it looks, oozing, bothers him- has to come off. Wants to wait one month to let his skin improve a bit he needs to gain some weight.

They cleaned his ears and filled them with a medicine there because they were so bad- bacteria and yeast.

He has eye drops, but she thinks he has entropical lids that were never corrected.

Apoquel and an anti-fungal, antibiotic, Vetprofen and a Bravecto because she said he definitely needs something and not a topical. Bravecto is good because if he has any mange it treats it.

He needs to go back in a month unless he seems to not be improving.

I have meds for the month.

He was so good- wagging tail the whole time. Cried w ears being cleaned and medicated. They look awful. Such a sweet dog. I was a mess putting him in and out of the car and he was so good about it and it couldn’t have been comfortable. He’s home on his bed. I’ll do his bath after carpool. He is all heart. Napping now. 

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