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Meet Oliver

O 4

Oliver is 9.

O 1

He’s going to stay with Susan and her family including her golden girl Sami while we look for the perfect new family.

O 3

Oliver needs a new family because his dad is in the hospital after having open heart surgery, his mom is not in the best of health and it is a real challenge for them to get him in and out of their condo.

O 2

Oliver was a bit timid at first, but after checking out the yard and rolling in the leaves and grass, he was ready to go in and check out his new temporary home.

Oliver has been well cared for, so once he has a vet check up, is groomed and his foster mom gets to know him and what he needs in his furever family he will be available for adoption.

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Fluffy Crossed Rainbow Bridge

Fluffy (3)

Dona and I have some bad news. We had to have Fluffy put down this morning.

She wasn’t acting 100% so I took her to Dona’s vet here in Pennsylvania. A series of X-Rays showed massive cancer around her heart, spleen etc. with her heart nearly twice normal size. There was no indication of any problem at all until about 2 days ago when she had difficulty breathing and was slower on her twice daily walk with me.

Chemo was mentioned but Dona, the vet and I didn’t want to put her through all that without any likelihood of success.

We had her for three wonderful years and she really became a great companion. Her last three months were with us in Maine where she absolutely loved the cool weather.

I know it is way to early to even think of another dog but when the time is right, she will be found at the Southern Maryland Golden Retriever Rescue. Please let all Fluffy’s friends know of her passing. I’m not quite up to that just yet.

Thank you so very much for the love and care you and your family showed her, and us. Please keep in touch. We love Riley and Moose!

Hugs, and Love,

Rick and Dona

NOTE: Fluffy was a VERY timid dog. Rick insisted she was the dog for him even though Fluffy was afraid of men. He visited her foster family (Glenda and Tom) several times before adopting her and fortified his house and yard as Fluffy could jump a fence. He recently reported that Fluffy was now walking off leash with him on their property. As Glenda says, “What a difference love can make.” .

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Sami is such a great foster sister.

S 1

Today she welcomed Oliver who will stay with her and the Casarez family until he finds his furever family.

S 2

Sami was fostered and adopted from the rescue several years ago.

She is beautiful!

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Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser


GRRSM is hosting a Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser.

The fundraiser is up and running and will end on December 31.

**NOTE** if you want items for holiday gift-giving, please get your orders in by Thanksgiving!

Mixed Bag Designs offers all sorts of bags, tech accessories, and home & kitchen items.  Think about all the gift ideas; while supporting your favorite rescue!  Items are purchased online and shipped directly to you.

Please visit our URL.


Mixed Bag 1




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