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Happy Gottcha Day Lumi

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From Jame Rose ~

Two years. Two years ago today we brought you home and you were too scared to go anywhere but the rug by the front door. Two years ago today we could feel the ribs under your dry, brittle fur, we could see the fear in your eyes every time we moved too quickly or spoke too loud. I remember how long it took us to get you to walk up the stairs by yourself and how proud I was of you the first time you entered a room on your own free will. This year you marched into our new house, somehow knowing it was yours, exploring every nook and cranny on your own. Only occasionally coming back to mom and dad to say hello. You loved Adelaide from the moment we brought her home, maybe before. You were her first napping buddy, her first protecter against such dangers as the grocery delivery guy and the UPS man. I remember wondering if you would ever sleep while we slept, last night you took up half of our bed and got growly when I bumped you. It been two years of insane butt wagging joy, two years of crazy Lumi mornings, two years of what made us laugh before this dog? I am so insanely proud of my first daughter. Happy birthday Lumiere.

October 12, 2017   No Comments