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October 3, 2017   No Comments

Collar and Leash Maintenance

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Some of you may recognize this collar as it is the collar a lot of our rescue pups have been wearing this year. One of the first things we do when a golden comes to our rescue is put on a brand new Upcountry collar and leash and rescue ID tag. This signifies the first steps to a new life for the pup.

A collar and tag can mean the difference of you being reunited with a lost pup or not. Studies have shown that people are more likely to stop to help a purebred dog and more likely to stop to help a dog with a collar and tags.

Collars and leashes last a long time, but they do need to be washed at least a couple of times per year.

Wash your pup’s collar when you bathe them or take them to a groomer to make sure they put on “clean clothes” when they are clean.

It’s also good to check the fit of your pup’s collar as collars can stretch or your pup can grow. You should be able to easily get two of your fingers under their collar. When transporting dogs we often snug up the collar more than that so our pup doesn’t slip out of his or her lead, but in general keep is loose.

Our pups always have collars on when they are away from home. Putting collars on is a signal we are going someplace. Our pups don’t wear their collars while at home as all four wrestle and play which increases the likelihood that one of them will get their jaw caught in the other’s collar as we had happen in the past.

A new collar is always a nice gift for your pup. I like Upcountry’s quality and variety of styles pretty collars.Rescue pups used to wear Lupine collars as they have a lifetime guarantee even if your pup chews it. Long lasting collars.

Your donations to the rescue ensure each rescue pup has a new collar, new leash and ID tag.

October 3, 2017   No Comments