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Posts from — September 2017


September 30, 2017   No Comments

Buttercup Enjoys Joy


Buttercup is having fun playing with her new little sister reports her adoptive mom.

September 29, 2017   No Comments

Congratulations to Buttercup and Julianna

b adopted

Buttercup found her furever mom last night! Thank you to Susan C for being her foster mom and to Julianna who wanted to rescue an older girl.

Looks like a match made in heaven from this photo:)

September 29, 2017   2 Comments

Khloe Update

blog Thursday

I wanted to send a quick update on Khloe! She is doing great and getting better behaved each day. She has pretty much learned sit, and she walks beautifully! We met some neighbor kids on a walk yesterday morning and I warned them that she was young and might nibble them, but when they came up to her she just sat down like a pro! No jumping or biting or anything! I was so proud of her! She and Lily love to play and walk together.

Have a great day!

September 28, 2017   No Comments

Sewing B uttons


Remember old fashion sewing bees?

Me neither.

However, see this cute dog scarf my boy Keagan is wearing? See that strategically placed button?

Well, we need to sew a lot of buttons on a lot of scarves to sell at the upcoming craft shows to raise $ for our rescue pups. Doris Wright, aka, Becky’s Mom has been busy making them all summer.

So we’re gathering at my house on Sunday, October 15th from 2 – 4 pm to sew buttons. I’ll even have a prize for the person who sews the most buttons on during that time period.

Buttons, needles and thread will be provided.

I’ll provide some refreshments and even break out a bottle or two of rescue chardonnay.

If you could leave a note if you think you might be there so I can make sure I have enough food.

Look forward to sewing with you.

September 27, 2017   No Comments

Madeline Loves Me Best

blog Maddie

Well, that is until my daughter, April and her partner, Kevin come for a visit. Then both Madeline and Riley are like canine groupies following them everywhere, sitting at their feet, sleeping at their bedroom door. Both Madeline and Riley are really timid dogs around other people (you wouldn’t know that from their ferocious barks that really are saying “Stay away from me. You might hurt me.” as people had done when they were very young.)

If something should ever happen to me and Joe, at least these two could live with April and Keven. (Our other two are less say we say, “challenging”.

If something happens to you, what are your plans for your goldens? If your golden came from the rescue, please make sure your family knows the rescue would like your golden back so we can find another wonderful home for them. Make a note in your will or leave our contact information with your other important documents.

September 26, 2017   No Comments

Congratulations Micah!

Micah 2

Borrowed from Robin’s Facebook page, Wildman, also known as “Micah” from our rescue, was obstacle focused and went from the jump in the distance challenge right to the tunnel – never looked to see how far away I was, just did his job.

A Q and second place at NATIONALS.

September 25, 2017   No Comments

Thyroid Facts From Dr. Jean Dodd

1. All animals are not the same:

  • young have higher thyroid levels
  • old have lower levels
  • small and toy dog breeds gave higher levels
  • large and giant dog breeds have lower levels
  • sighthound breeds have lower levels

2. Most common endocrine disorder of dogs

3. Most common endocrine disorder older cats after diabetes

4. Thyroid hormone is given apart from foods containing calcium or soy, to ensure absorption

5. Half-life of thyroxine in dogs is short; give total daily dose divided morning and night

6. T4 alone not accurate for thyroid assessment; minimum needs are T4 and free T4

7. Even those 2 assays fail to detect heritable thyroiditis; thyroid antibody (TgAA) needed

8. cTSH poor predictor of thyroid dysfunction in dogs with 30% discordancy

9. cTSH helpful in diagnosis and follow up monitoring of hyperthyroid cats

10.  Thyroid glandular and other support insufficient to correct true thyroid dysfunction

September 25, 2017   No Comments

Elves Needed: Crocheters and Button Sewers

elfIf  you know how to crochet and are willing to make some ear muffs and maybe dog muffs to sell at upcoming craft fairs in St Mary’s and Charles’ Counties, please contact Barb Saylor at barbi23@verizon.net.

If you are willing to sew buttons on dog scarves made by Becky’s mom, please contact Becky at  becminnich@aol.com.

Supplies of yarn and buttons are available.

September 24, 2017   No Comments

Rescue Board Meeting Today


blog Sunday









Board members are meeting today. Please send anything you’d like us to discuss to contact@goldenretrieverrescueofsouthernmaryland.org

September 24, 2017   No Comments