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Holistic Care Workshop Take-aways

Dog dinner 1

Attended the workshop offered by Dr. Forrest at Wag N Wash yesterday. It was much of the same information as he shared at our meeting earlier in the year. Here are my new take aways:

End of life support

Most important thing is to keep a senior dog eating. Don’t worry if they are supposed to be on a special diet. Feed them anything they will eat.
Many senior dogs have some difficulty digesting their food which is why they often won’t eat and then their gastric juices stir which causes them to feel nauseous. This usually happens over night and your pup won’t eat breakfast. Dr. Forrest recommends giving them a dog biscuit and/or a Pepcid to help. (1 pepcid for 45 lbs)

Make sure they have good pain control.

Try hemp oil as it helps with arthritis. A reputable company to buy from is Petabis Organics

Poop Eaters

Don’t worry abut it as it is a natural behavior for dogs.


Give heartworm prevention as there is not holistic alternative.

For dogs who are being treated or have been treated for heartworms supplement with Co Q 10


You will generally know in about 3 sessions if acupuncture is going to help your dog, cat or horse.

To find an acupuncturist go to:


Do Healthy Dogs Need Supplements

Dr. Forrest says Dasaquin for joint care in large dogs can be started when our goldens are young to possibly prevent future joint issues.

Other supplements, such as fish oil, are only needed if your dog has an issue, such as skin problems for fish oil.

Chinese Herbs

Best come from China.

Should be a combination of herbs rather than a single herb.

Overly Farms, Herbsmith and Naturist Turkey Tail for Immune Support are good sources for herbs.


Help oil for anxiety

One he only mentioned is Liver Happy for aggressive or “grumpy” dogs which I’m going to look into.

Dr. Forrest can be reached at 301.904.3226

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