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My Dog Can Do That!

The Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Club will offer titling tests for TDI, CGC, CGC-A, AKC STAR Puppy and all three levels of AKC Trick Dog on June 18, at Veteran’s Park, Woodbridge, VA. Tests are open to all breeds and mixed breeds. Tests for TDI, CGC and STAR Puppy will start at 9:30 AM. AKC Trick Dog testing will be in the afternoon.

Pre-registration is recommended, and required for TDI testing. Click here for the sign-up form.

Due to test requirements and nature of the site, the event will be cancelled if severe weather is predicted. You will be notified by email and all fees will be refunded.)

Questions? – Email Rosemary Miller or text her at 703-401-6887.

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Dog Tracking Seminar

Saint Mary’s County Md. Dept. of Recreation and Parks is sponsoring a Dog Tracking Seminar as a community service.
Seminar Date: July 22 Rain Date July 29…………………Seminar length should be around 2-3 hours

Teach your dog to follow the scent trail left by a person or animal.

This seminar will be held on a non-rain day. We will be out working in the fields. Please plan to bring appropriate clothing (including footwear). Lecture portion of the seminar will be held in an unheated building. Bathroom facility will be provided. Working dogs will need to have a non-restrictive body harness also please bring a 6′ leash and a flat buckle collar or choke chain for your dog. If you are in the working dog group you will also need 2 scent articles of leather or fabric which will have your scent on them. Place the scent articles next to your skin prior to arriving at the seminar. You will also need lots and lots of small treats for the dog, something soft that the dog can easily eat quickly.
DOGS: Participating dogs may be crated inside the lecture building. Non-participating dogs should be left at home unless they will be comfortable and quiet residing in your vehicle throughout the seminar. All dogs welcome to be walked on leash during breaks. You are responsible for picking up after your dogs.
No bitches in season allowed. If your bitch comes in season. You will have the option of: bringing a different dog, receiving a refund, or changing status from working participant to auditor (and partial refund). Your bitch in season should stay home. (Though it’s a good training experience to see if your male dog will work in the presence of a female in season, we don’t want to risk someone’s first time exposure to tracking with a challenge that difficult.)

The training site will be held at the Saint Mary’s County Fair Grounds. The start time will be at 8am and last 2 to 3 hours. If it is scheduled to rain then the seminar will be held the following Saturday. There will be 6 slots for working dogs and unlimited auditor slots. Working slots are on a first come basis. Fresh water will be provided for the dogs but you are encouraged to bring water for yourself and your dogs.

Cost: Working slots limited to 6: 40.00 per dog.
Auditor unlimited $25.00

FMI 301-475-4200 ext. 1802
or visit their web site:


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