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2018 Golden Retriever Rescue Calendar

calendarIt’s time to take and submit your photos for Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland’s 2018 Calendar. Here are the guidelines:

Submission Guidelines:

1. Deadline for submission is June 1, 2017.

2. One main picture for each month and one for the front and back covers will be selected. Main photos must include a dog adopted from the rescue. Other dogs can be in the picture.

3. Photos will be selected based on composition, quality, and emotional appeal.

4. All photos submitted must be horizontal (landscape) in orientation. Holiday themed photos are always needed. (Valentine’s Day, St Pat’s, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc.)

5. Digital images are required. Please follow these guidelines:

a. Set your camera to take photos at the highest resolution possible.

b. If possible, name your image(s) with dog’s name and your last name. If sending more than one photo, number appropriately. Example: RustyJones01.jpg, RustyJones02.jpg, RustyJones03.jpg.

c. No more than 5 photos per member. Submit your image(s) in jpg format as an email attachment to johnsonpat@verizon.net. Please do not crop the picture or make the file smaller to email— send the largest, original file.

d. Include a note in the message body with pertinent information (owner’s name, dog’s name ) and include the DOG’S NAME in the MESSAGE SUBJECT so we can match your picture with your information. You will receive a confirmation of your submission. If you don’t receive one, assume it did not go through and please re-send. Feel free to add a couple of lines about your pup.

6. Only GRRSM dogs are eligible for the large photos. Goldens of members who were not adopted through the rescue may be used for the medium size photos on the page.

7. No humans in the photo please.

8. Photos must be previously unpublished, non-professional images; no copyrighted photos accepted. Photos become property of GRRSM and reserves the right to use pictures submitted in our newsletter, on our website, and in other publications

Questions? Contact Pat at 240.925.8817.

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Welcome to the USA


Twenty goldens left their shelter in Turkey on Thursday, traveled to Luxembourg and JFK, and finally last night (Sunday) arrived in Maryland. The trip had been delayed since April, but for four beautiful golden pups – 8 month old Roxy, 1.5 year old Zeki, 3 year old Zoe and 4 year old Mae the best part of the journey has just begun.

Zekie and Roxy

Zeki is being fostered by Peggy and Paul Dziewit, who braved the long drive to JFK to pick him and Roxy up. Roxy is being fostered by Michelle and Rob Cox.


Zoe spent the entire drive home giving kisses to her foster mom, Becky Minnich when she wasn’t curled up on her lap.


And beautiful Mae is what everyone dreams of as the ideal golden. Walked perfectly on leash; play bowed to each dog she met; loving and, well, just perfect! Mae is being fostered by Barb and Tony Baratta after an overnight with Becky.


Peggy, Paul, Becky and Pat joined volunteers from Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue and Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue to bring these pups to the USA where their new life begins TODAY.

Pups were fully vetted in Turkey, but will get a once over by one of the rescue’s local vets. Foster families will get to know them and pups should be available for adoption within the next couple of weeks. ALL will need a physically fenced yard, a young canine play mate and someone home part of the day. To learn more about adopting please review the Adoption Guide before submitting an application. We adopt in the Southern Maryland region as home visits and interviews are required before adoption.

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