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Canine Biggest Loser – Tip # 6 – More Protein/Less Carbs

Dog Food Advisor

What about a senior or lite dog food? Can one of these help my overweight pet?

I’m not a big fan of senior or lite dog foods. Most (but not all) of them achieve their lower calorie content by cutting protein (meat) and increasing carbohydrates… a diet that works no better for dogs than it does for us humans.

Good weight loss isn’t just about cutting calories. It’s also about restricting carbs.

How can carbohydrates contribute to weight problems?

Just like with humans, carbohydrates (especially the refined type) cause the pancreas to produce more insulin. And insulin induces a dog’s body to store fat.

So, if you decide to switch dog foods, try favoring recipes with lower carbohydrate content. Think “Atkins for dogs”. Look for a product with more meat and fewer grains or potatoes (fewer carbs).

Although calories per serving are important (too), you can always cut back on serving size.

May 1, 2017   No Comments