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Stanley Crosses Rainbow Bridge


Saying “goodbye” never gets easier. Joe and I helped Stanley, our foster boy who we adopted yesterday, cross Rainbow Bridge today. He had rough night last night. Couldn’t seem to get comfortable. He ate breakfast, but didn’t go out afterwards. When I offered him a stuffed Kong and he wasn’t interested, we knew it was time and called the vet to figure out how to help him cross the bridge and not bite anyone as he left.

His crossing was peaceful and relatively easy as we had presedated him. We stroked his fur; told him he was a good boy; we loved him and he would soon feel better and he was gone. I will always remember how soft his fur was today as it was brittle and reminded me of porcupine quills the first few months he was with us.

While I was tearful, I know I will “see” him again.

Three years ago I had open heart surgery. They put you on a heart/lung machine when they operate on your heart so blood continues to pump while they work on your heart. After my surgery it took 40 minutes for my heart to resume beating on its own. I wholeheartedly believe that I was between here and the afterlife during that time. Some will say my brain was deprived of oxygen, but it wasn’t thanks to the miracles of modern machinery.

No, I didn’t see a white light, but what i DID see were family members who had died and my ANIMALS I have known in the past, my cats….even a horse I don’t know and have no way of explaining except he knew me. My goldens who had crossed the bridge…Steve, Holly, Cappuccino and Jax my foster golden “materialized” into their earthly form. My family and critters formed what seemed to be a golden circle around me. They reassured me I would be happy to be “back” with their energy in the ever more. I felt safe. Protected. Unafraid.

I had conversations with my pups who are on earth and reassured them Joe would take good care of them if mommy (me) didn’t come home.

I remember very little the first night of my surgery. I woke up fully aware the next morning as my cheerful daughter walked into ICU.

Apparently I still have things to accomplish here on earth.

One was caring for Stanley, who I was a bit afraid of as he tried to bite me several times when I would do something he didn’t want me to do. We were able to groom him; trim his nails, but I gave up teeth brushing as he wasn’t a fan. We thought he would be with a few weeks and he lived with us about 10 months. We made him comfortable and he seemed to enjoy living with us.

So when I’m very still and paying attention, I’m sure Stan will come and say “hello” as my pups before still do and I expect he’ll meet me at the bridge when I cross.

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1 Sarah { 04.29.16 at 9:30 pm }

Pat, had never heard the recovery story after your heart surgery….knew you said the “dogs were there” watching, but now I understand more. Well Stanley seemed to have more than just a porcupine coat to him…..reminds me a bit of JOE. Hope you both are okay….a sad run for the adopted dogs of GRRSM, but everytime I look, it is that way. At least GRRSM provides them someone to join back up with after they cross the Rainbow Bridge!

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