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Riley Thomas Crosses Rainbow Bridge

Riley T
Dear family and GRRSM friends,

I am sorry to tell you all the good old Riley died this morning at age 12 years, 8 months.  He had been declining recently, and in the past few days he pretty much stopped eating and would not leave the yard to go for a walk.  He was bad enough last night that I made an appointment with the vet for late this morning.  After I took the other boys for their walk this morning, during which he just lay in the yard, I put him on the screened porch to separate him from the others.  At that point he could not even stand so I had to carry him.  I was driving Bryan (some of you know him, the rest will hopefully meet him) to sailing class, and I told him how sick Riley was.   Bryan asked if he could come over to see him one last time, and we did.  When the time approached for his appointment, Bryan asked if he could come along, knowing exactly what was going to happen.  When we got to the house Bryan rushed to the porch to check on him and found that he had died peacefully on the porch rug.  Bryan handled things very well, asking if he could take Riley’s collar off and helping me carry him to the truck to take him to the vet.

Riley T 2I always called Riley my last puppy, as I am fully committed to rescue dogs at this point.  Amazingly his mother, who belongs to Cookie, is still alive and in pretty good shape at age 14.  Do Max and Jax miss him?  It’s hard to tell, but I think that they must.  Unlike Angus, Riley did interact and even play with them occasionally.

Please pass this message to any others who would be interested.

Thanks for your love of Riley.



1 Christine Kernozek { 07.24.15 at 8:35 am }

So sorry for the loss of Riley, and so soon after Angus. We will keep you and your family in our prayers as you navigate the waters of grief yet again. Never easy, but I hope you find comfort in your remaining dogs and knowing you gave Riley a wonderful life full of love and happiness.

2 Kristi Baker { 07.24.15 at 12:56 pm }

So very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

3 Sarah { 07.30.15 at 2:21 pm }

Hi Sandy, my hear goes out to you. We recently lost a dear boy too…..strange too that they both happened at home. Rather good as most of us want to be home too.

I liked some of what is in “9 things” posting Pat put up about our buddies passing on. Here is part that I think might resonate with you and yours….

“You aren’t alone. They aren’t gone forever – they’re still right by your side. And they always will be, if you let them. The Spirit World exists right alongside our physical world, and while your pet (Sarah note: “child”) may no longer be occupying their physical body, they’re still with you in Spirit.

And remember, that’s who you loved in the first place. You loved their mannerisms, their attitude, and their personality – all elements of their Spirit. You didn’t love them for their fur, or their one standing straight up ear, or their snaggle teeth (ok, maybe you did a little). Mostly, you loved them for who they were as a Spirit, and that Spirit, still exists right beside you.”

Thinking of you, Sarah, Bill, Trigger (our spirit now), Pilot, Casey, Aero, Chance, (and that is just the dogs). I’ll include Poppi too, our foster pup.

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