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Rescue’s First Golden – Daisy


Daisy crossed Rainbow Bridge a couple of weeks after her family learned she suffered kidney damage due to Lyme disease.

Daisy 2

Barb Saylor and I were at PETCO in St Mary’s volunteering with another rescue. A woman was walking around the store asking if anyone would take her puppy. They pup named “Daisy” had severe ear infections and a hemotoma (swollen ear flap where blood had collected due to Daisy shaking her head.) and needed surgery.

Daisy 1

Even though the rescue had been formed for less than a month and we only had a bit over $700 in the account, Barb and I didn’t hesitate. Daisy was the first foster pup Joe and I had fostered for Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland.

Daisy pup

Members were generous. Daisy had her ear surgery and was adopted by a young couple, Stacy and Mike, Joe knew from work. She was always a full family member and well loved…..what we want for all pups.

Lots of rescue pups are at the bridge Daisy, waiting to play.

Daisy 3

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1 Jean Huey { 11.17.15 at 10:36 pm }

Daisy you sweet girl. Bless you. You will be missed.

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