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Lord Tweed Crosses Rainbow Bridge

IMG_2626This afternoon we made the difficult decision to help Lord Tweed cross the Rainbow Bridge. Tweed came into the rescue on the Fourth of July two years ago. He had been left in the drop box at the Charles County shelter at age ten. Tweed had two large mast cell tumors, bad ears, just very sick. Thanks to the rescue, his tumors were removed and we began fostering him back to good health. Because of his charming personality, he became our second ‘failed foster’.
Tweed gave us two great years. He loved the dog park, meeting people and little dogs, playing with his chuck-it ball, having after dinner treats on a fork, yodeling when it was time for evening snack, and representing the rescue on home visits and events. He had many fans, especially at the vet’s office.
Tweed’s last few days were okay, but he just was not himself. This morning when we did not eat and was listless all day, we think we was telling us it was his time , His eyes just did not have that ‘joy of life’. So with Dr. Meadow’s help, we allowed Tweed to peacefully go. He may have left us physically, but he will always remain a part of us.


1 Beth Schroeder { 04.17.15 at 7:39 pm }

I am so very sorry for your loss of Tweed. I remember when he came into rescue and thinking that he looked a lot like the male equivalent of my dear girl, Lass. So kind of you to give an old gentleman such a great home during his last few years…the older ones are simply the best, aren’t they? My heart goes out to you on such a sad day.

2 Debbie Dofflemyer { 04.17.15 at 9:36 pm }

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry for your lose. Our family wanted to adopt Tweed but when the day came for us to visit with his foster parents decided they just couldn’t bear to let him go……lucky guy! We are so happy that Tweed got to spend his few year spoiled by a great mom and dad. RIP Tweed!

3 Pam { 04.20.15 at 11:06 am }

I’m so sorry to hear about Tweed’s passing. I remember when he came into the Rescue and how our hearts went out to him. He was such a wonderful gentleman! Barb and Bob you made him very happy.

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