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Targhee and Colter Together Again

Targhee was named after a Bannock Chief about whom there is little known other than he maintained peace between white men and his tribesmen.

Targhee was born Sherman, NY on March 2, 2000. He had an amazingly beautiful coat and he was extremely smart, friendly, and loved every other animal or human he ever met. Like his namesake Targhee could easily get everyone’s tail wagging and he just loved little puppies and was so gentle it was amazing to watch him play with them.

Targhee loved to be hugged and petted, loved giving kisses and licks, and he loved his brother


They were not from the same family and were two plus years apart, but Colter began
visiting Targhee when he was just 3 weeks old and this early bonding made them inseparable and the best of buddies.

Colter was named after Private John Colter, a member of Lewis & Clarks, Corp of Discover. He was the first white man to ever see what is now Yellowstone National Park. He has a geyser named after him called Colter’s Hell.

Both Targhee and Colter loved to travel and in their short lives they traveled and enjoyed 47 States and 6 Canadian Providences and countless number of rest stops along the way. They were always ready to hop into the motorhome or truck and their heads would be hanging outside, enjoying the views and smells along the way.


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