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Does Your Dog Need Probiotics?


Apparently one of mine did.

I really had no idea what probiotics were until Dr. Chapman DVM and holistic vet suggested senior goldens would benefit from them when she did a talk last year for our rescue.

It just so happened that my then, 10 year old golden retriever, Anna, was losing weight even though the vet could find nothing wrong with her. It seemed I kept increasing the amount I was feeding Anna and she kept losing weight.

We feed all of our dogs a raw meal for breakfast. Dr. Chapman supports feeding raw and in passing commented that senior dogs who eat a raw diet might need a probiotic to help them more easily digest their food. So, I randomly bought a probiotic off of Amazon after reading just a bit on the internet. I happened to buy this product by Purina as I saw a local vet’s office sold it. It was was reassuring to read that it is one of the recommended products in this article by Whole Dog Journal.


PS Anna, who is 11+ now, is doing great. Put weight she had lost back on and appears happy, healthy and well nourished. Will have exact numbers on Friday when she goes for her semi-annual senior check up.



1 Ellen Rehmann { 03.25.14 at 8:54 pm }

I use Micro Flora Plus by Herbsmith Inc., made in the USA, which is a combination of probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and herbs. It was recommended to me by Clippers Canine Café, a holistic pet store. I think it is excellent and really works well.

2 Donna Thomas { 01.25.19 at 9:08 pm }

Thank you for all your helpful comments n info. I will be giving my 12 yr old Mac the probiotic! I want him in good health as long as possible. Love him so much!
Thank you all fellow golden lovers!

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