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Kody Crosses Rainbow Bridge

From Carolyn and John Sweeney:


Have sad news this morning. Kody crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning at 8:30. His Kidneys had shut down and the ultrasound found bleeding in his belly so we let him go to be with Cheyenne. Thanks for giving us two of the best buddies in the world.

This photo was taken last fall at the dog park in Calvert County.

Kody was fostered and adopted by Carolyn and John in the fall of 2011. He recently had surgery for cancer of the spleen.

He came to rescue after his owner, a farmer, died.

Your typical, mellow, big, ol’ boy who got along with everyone.

Thank you Carolyn and John for loving him. Please send virtual hugs…..hard to lose a good friend.



1 mariel { 05.28.14 at 6:53 pm }

🙁 so sorry for your loss

2 Amy Gannon { 05.28.14 at 10:36 pm }

I have spent a great deal of time with our big red haired beauty, and let me tell you, there is not another 4 legged creature on this planet with as much humor and personality as Kody. My husband coaches for the Blue Crabs and lives with Carolyn all season. Kody is like family and I will forever miss that huge smile he gave me, literally, every time he ran through our door. We loved him like one of our own. Carolyn thank you for giving him such an incredible life and for allowing us to fall in love with him, too. Bless you, sweet Kody.

3 Sarah { 05.29.14 at 7:55 am }

Oh Carolyn, I am sooooo sorry to hear this. I met Kody/you when you came to see if Kody wanted Bennett as his new buddy. Now, he is with his favorite buddy (other than his Mom and Dad) again. What a gorgeous and happy dog, and what a loving Mom. You treated him like royalty and he knew it! Sarah

4 Cindy Nagle { 05.29.14 at 10:54 am }

So Sorry for your loss, Carolyn. Kody was so loved and now he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with his friend Cheyenne. He was a love and will be missed. I send you hugs.

5 Debbie Dofflemyer { 05.29.14 at 11:52 am }

We are so sorry to hear about Kody. Just know he’s in heaven at the doggie park with all his buds that have passed before him having a great pain free day!!!

6 lisa o. { 05.30.14 at 12:01 pm }

So sorry for your loss. The loss of a beloved family member is so hard. Prayers your way.

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