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Top Ten Super Foods for Your Dog

Dr. Ernie Ward wrote an article for FETCH magazine which is a quarterly magazine for subscribers to PETPLAN insurance. He is a vet nutritionist and recommends feeding your dog the following foods weekly:
1. Fish – especially salmon, tuna, sardines and anchovies.

2. Yogurt- plain preferably organic and especially whenever your dog is taking antibiotics.

3. Chickpeas also called garbanzo beans are good for the heart, blood sugar and digestion.

4. Eggs – the BEST protein for your dog.

5. Quinoa – is loaded with protein and contains all 10 essential amino acids a dog needs.

6. Sweet potatoes – steamed or baked helps stabilize blood sugar and high in a number of vitamins and minerals.

7. Baby carrots cooked lightly if your dog won’t eat them raw.

8. Broccoli – high in sulfer compounds that help the liver and eyes.

9. Celery – has coumarin and flavonoids which supports the immune system and are currently being studied for their anti-cancer properties.

10. Apples and bananas – lots of antioxidants and vitamins.

I’m off to the store to stock up on sweet potatoes, chickpeas and quinoa as my pups haven’t been getting these items regularly.

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1 Molly Carter { 08.26.12 at 1:14 pm }

Buy quinoa at Costco!!! $8 for a four pound bag!!! $6/7 for a one pound bag at Safeway.

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