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Meet Holly

Holly is a 6 month old golden/chow/? mix. She is petite at only 30 pounds. She was found wandering at a church in North Carolina. Someone took her to the local shelter where she was scheduled to be euthanized by gas (a horrible method of euthanizing that many groups are working to ban in the United States.) Barb and Bob Davis were visiting their son who lives near the shelter and they rescued her and brought her back to Maryland.

She LOVES other dogs; is fascinated by cats and kids are unknown. She is very shy, but after a couple of days is now coming up to Joe for a quick pat.

She is healthy and will be available for adoption after she is spay in a week or so.


1 Wanda Tanner { 03.19.19 at 6:13 pm }

I just had to put my my Molly to sleep (I rescued her
5 years ago, when she was 9). I love the look of Holly,
and would like to have her, butbI’m in Seattle. Any

2 Wanda Tanner { 03.19.19 at 6:30 pm }

Please let me know how I could transport her to
Des Moines, Wash. a suburb of Seattle

3 Wanda Tanner { 03.22.19 at 1:23 pm }

May I have a few more pictures of Holly, standing, etc
She is so pretty and I would figure out a way to get
her if at all feasible. Thank you!

4 Pat { 03.22.19 at 3:01 pm }

Holly was adopted many years ago. I fostered her. She is a little cutie and last I heard doing well

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