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Bonnie Crosses Rainbow Bridge

My wonderful friend Bonnie crossed the rainbow bridge. The Neals had adopted her from a shelter more than 15 years ago so not sure how old she was. I brought her with me to some of the golden get togethers. She was with me thru so many tears and smiles. I loved that little dog dearly and I am gratified knowing the last 6 years of her life were much happier tagging along with me and the girls. I called her the “ever ready Bonnie” as she always wanted to walk with us, no matter how badly she felt. Ed came to find me to give me time to say goodbye to her…

This donation was on her behalf–she was half golden–the very sweetest part….


1 Barb D. { 12.23.11 at 11:20 am }

She does have the golden look in her eyes. Such a sweetie. Glad she had a great home.

2 Kim { 12.23.11 at 11:28 am }

So very sorry for your loss. Glad you gave her a loving home to live out the rest of her years!

3 bob davis { 12.23.11 at 12:08 pm }

Such a hard thing to go through at Chridtmas time. When you hear a little bell chiming like in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, it will be the newest little angel , Miss Bonnie, getting her wings.

4 Gail { 12.24.11 at 10:08 am }

Bonnie is beautiful! Sorry for your loss.

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